Diorblx was a troll. She started in 2019. She was known for being a co-owner in LisaGaming community and Builder for the hangouts. She was known for being rude and nice at the same time.

History[edit | edit source]

Rise[edit | edit source]

She uploaded her 1st video march of 2020 named Exposing Flamingo Racist Rude.

It got attention, then it got into lisa attention. Then the Former builder Ikeiron left the squad and he was the builder before her. Dior joined the community she got into the squad but before of it she was getting in so much controversy? Faking their death, Being racist, Being a good troll, Baiting People, Being rude to people Getting attention from youtubers such as Flamingo/Valindra/Greenlegocast and more. Then she got into the squad.

She was in the squad and then she got the "Co-Owner role" in lisa server for few months. in november 25th she left Lisa's Discord Server.

Fall[edit | edit source]

Her fall took 2 DAYS to happen. She left lisa server cuz they said, she got into a squad drama.

The squad drama was that Squad Memeber Syd, And Tanyagamingroblox where shit talking of her on their dms and Dior saw the screen shots left lisa server and she put an announcement, then she got into a Group Chat with Former Staff such as Robythemango JaneRBLX PalomaRBLX sof loves gaming and more. People where saying she hacked lisa twitter when she didn't she showed the proof, but what she did was shit talk of Lisa on the group Chat Paloma, betreyed dior and posted the screen shots that made Diorblx and lisa friendship end.

What Happened to her?[edit | edit source]

She and Paloma RBLX are coming back to trolling, her new channel is Loleeta,Click here if you wanna see the new Channel.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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