IKeiron or Keiron, is an American troll YouTuber known for his controversies with Roblox YouTubers.

Similar to Lisa Gaming Roblox and other gaming ROBLOX channels, he primarily uploads commentary about his channel and other YouTubers. Keiron is infamous for his music videos, scam videos, some of which were shown on Lisa Gaming ROBLOX'S channel

iKeiron is a former squad member. Keiron's first appearance was in "Nothing in this world". His Nickname appears to be "Kei".

Keiron was despised mainly because of his clickbait-type videos, these were things like: "exposing" Parlo Gaming and Loafee. Often times, Keiron will provide little-to- no- proof about the context of his information, which led to a feud of hate on his channel. Not only that, he also tries to "cancel" YouTubers and make them look bad with no proof, (if he provides proof, he just establishes what the person has done in the past) in an attempt to get the other YouTuber which he is trying to gain attention from to make a video about him, so he can feed his channel with views!

As of January 5th, he doesn't primarily upload videos anymore and when he does, his "videos" are usually stolen from other YouTubers with a negative message to show disapproval and atrocity to content creators like Parlo Gaming, or Loafee (or sometimes Lisa gaming roblox). Often times, he deletes the videos very quickly which doesn't spark any logic whatsoever, which leads many users to question the purpose of making videos.

Many people believe that Keiron is associated with the Bun Bun Girls - which is a group of so-called "hackers" who claim that they can hack people's accounts, with an intention to milk views fom kids.

Keiron also tried to form friendship with Lisa Gaming ROBLOX many times even though he claims to hate (LGR) Lisa Gaming ROBLOX.

He has another account called "Bun Bun Jane"


As of 24/12/2020: many people speculated the fact that his YouTube channel was terminated, which didn't happen at all.

Keiron simply hid his channel, because of the criticism and hate he was getting on his comments. Keiron hid his channel for about 2 weeks, to lessen out the hate, this didn't go to plan as to what Keiron was planning.

On 17/01/2020: Keiron hid channel again, likely to prevent hatred or to work on his other channel "Bun Bun Jane"

Personal Life

Keiron's personal biography is unknown, although we know one thing for sure! He's an American teenager with over 1000 subscribers.

He is also a kid from an age of 10-17 years.

Controversy[edit | edit source]

Keiron has had controversies with Lisa, Parlo Gaming, Loafee, UneHydra and so on.

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