This video of Lisa includes all of her friends (Except Keiron). It first starts out that Lisa finds out she has 30k subs, and goes shopping with Dior to buy a dress. The mall that they use is the Piggy mall. This was not asked to be used in the video, which might get her sued. It then shows them meeting a girl named Sheila, who is suspicious. Lisa and Dior then go to try on their dresses with their friends. Sheila ends up going to the party and fills a bucket with pigs blood to dump on Lisa, similar to the movie Carrie. It then shows Lisa's friends partying. Then Lisa comes and greets her friends. She then dances on stage, then stands there alone, while everybody cheers for her. After that, Dior notices Sheila about to pull the rope. Sheila then pulls the rope and the blood gets dumped on Lisa. All of her friends are shocked. They then laugh at her except for Dior and Tanya. Tanya then goes to Lisa and says that they should go home. Right then, Lisa pushes Tanya with her powers and Tanya's neck cracks on the stage, and then she dies. Verma tries to leave but is trapped and is incinerated, burning to her death. Dior tries to escape, but is pushed by Lisa and eventually gets everyone stepping on Dior, causing her to break her neck, and then die. Lisa's other 2 friends are hiding behind a table, until Lisa flips the table on them, killing both of them. Lisa then causes a fire. Everyone else burns to death. Lisa then gets home, and commits suicide by burning to death on her bonfire. Her sister notices this and calls the ambulance. Sheila is then shown as an old lady and how guilty she was for killing Lisa's friends. Apparently, Lisa comes and kill Sheila. The video then ends.

List of deaths:[edit | edit source]


Character: Cause of death: Killer:

Tanya | Broke neck; Burned | Lisa[edit | edit source]

Verma | Incinerated | Lisa[edit | edit source]

Dior | Stepped on and broke neck; Burned | Lisa's friends (accidentally)[edit | edit source]

2 of Lisa's friends | Table flipped on them; Burned | Lisa[edit | edit source]

Everyone Else | Burned | Lisa[edit | edit source]

Lisa | Burned on bonfire | Herself[edit | edit source]

Sheila | Stabbed | Lisa[edit | edit source]

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