-- One of Lisa's lines in the music video

Womanizer is one of Lisa's deleted music videos.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Lisa wakes up with a boy named Troy. They both kiss each other, which is very ody. They then cook breakfast and eat. Troy then texts an unknown person, and Lisa asks who it is. Troy said it is just one of his friends. Lisa wants to see but he prevents her. She is suspicious of him. In school, Allison talks to Troy about breaking up with Lisa. Lisa and her friends spot them. They then goes to their house, and look through the window. As seen, Troy and Allison are doing "it" in their room (which I bet some people jerked off to smh 🤮). Lisa and her friend is shocked. They then go in their house and go in their room. Troy tries to explain, but Lisa kills Allison. Lisa and her friend are seen about to kill troy in a chair, and they do kill him. The video ends.

2nd Plot[edit | edit source]

During most moments, Lisa is seen in a room. She is naked but her private parts are censored.

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